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Hi, I’m Vinay. As a People and Organization Transformation Partner, I focus on  HR and Digital Strategy and synthesize Employee Engagement (EX) as a Scientist, for my clients. I fuel employee performance and engagement through inclusive organizational structures, cultures, and learning. Exceptional organizational transformation happens by integrating policy, technology, processes, and program functions while eliminating costly and operational inefficiencies. 

About Me

Understanding emerging trends in People and Organization strategy in hard! I’ve been synthesizing research in employee behavior and sentiment with business and economics and applying that while working with HR and talent technologies and managing portfolios of enterprise clients for over 15 years.  I love working with C-suite clients and supporting my Salesforce to deliver solutions that amaze!

Designing Solutions for Clients with a Passion while Analyzing The World’s Business Cultures and Structures

Over my multi-faceted people career, I gained many capabilities across the spectrum of human capital disciplines, by performing key functional strategy roles and driving processes and procedures within technology.

I also embraced continuous upskilling as a practice early, bucking the trend that education isn’t “as important” as work. My view (as were my mentors over years) is that for positions which require management and progressive advancement of strategic goals, both are equally critical.

So, I did both through the ebbs and flows of several economic growth periods & now three global recessions; while analyzing labor, social & cultural economics & crafting next gen people strategy change.

As a result, today I am a future of work talent strategy architect who is passionate about designing cutting-edge solutions and guiding senior leaders on integrative programs that deliver the right experience for a purpose-seeking workforce.

Business & Data Analysis Acumen in People, Organization & Enterprise Technology Functions

Talent Acquisition x ATS

As a Talent Acquisition SME, I’ve worked in agency, RPO & corporate environments. I have hands-on experience in every facet of Candidate Experience/Talent Acquisition. Successfully search & onboarded over 1000 professionals, while managing teams who’ve placed 10,000.

Learning & Leadership x LMS/LXP

I’ve worked at Xerox’s US Learning and Development Team, as well as Konica/Minolta, training & certifying sales forces in new product and technology. I have a Master’s degree in Adult Learning and Leadership. I’m an international author & speaker in early leadership development.

DEI & Belonging x HRIS

Over 10 yrs. advancing diversity recruitment and built corporate DEI center-of-excellence programs. Years before the pandemic, I coached conference attendees as a speaker on the missing E&B in the prior acronym D&I and worked with senior policy officials.

Employee Experience & OD

I started from the critical TA psychology lens as to why people are not happy in their careers and spent time in an employee experience startup as a founder of a SaaS platform. As a scholar at Columbia University, I wrote a thesis on the new leadership capabilities needed for the new multi-gen decade.

The "Social" in ESG & Board Agenda

I am dedicated to global social concerns and how it applies to the people & culture, organizational priorities, and our new four generation workforce. I’m educated in ESG, and have designed market generating models, and spoken at conferences around the Social in ESG.

Talent Retention is CEO/CHRO # 1 Priority

Because companies had long operated in silos, they have not captured the holy grail – TR. Gaining my career breadth across the talent life-cycle allowed me to design total talent transformation; encompassing the candidate experience through employee experience for retention.

Organizational HCM Development for High Employee Engagement, Talent Retention & Intrinsic Leadership Development that Inspire People

DEI & Belonging Change Management
DEI & Belonging Change Management
CHRO Advisory
Motivational Learning & Leader Development
AI Leadership for young Women of Color

Business Partner Consulting Capabilities

A career dedicated to client relationship management, revenue generation and business development

Client Partner & Portfolio Account Manager

As a quota breaking business developer and strategy advisor, I gained expertise and grew practices in key trending sectors; working in KM systems and working directly with executive decision makers.

Client Partner & Portfolio Account Manager
Client Attraction

It’s one thing to get leads handed to you to work with clients, it’s another thing to gain their respect and want to work with you. Leaders want to work with thought leaders who have SME expertise.

Client Attraction
Team Leader - Coach

I’ve managed teams for much of my career. My management style is macro-micro. I manage my team member with care, empathy and lead-by-example support. I manage projects and KPI’s in micro.

Team Leader - Coach
Emerging Trends Analyst

Ask Musk, Cuban or Gates – reflective & creative thinking are the greatest assets they covet. I spend time analyzing trends from the external ecosystems, such as labor economics, social and culture movements are headed – this allows me to see emerging trends.

Emerging Trends Analyst
Visual Storyteller

I spent the 1st ½ of my career talking to candidates in a psychologist employment specialist fashion and marketing them to clients. I am a visual PowerPoint presenter. The 2nd half I also became an author, speaker, moderator and today I create next gen content and frameworks for the – future-of-work.

Visual Storyteller

Future of Work Asset Development

Advancing Innovation for Human Capital Future-of-Work

New Era Human Experience & Performance

Future of Work Thought Leadership

Women & Minorities
Manage Skills
Socio-Economic Capital Theme Integration
Great Resignation
Leadership Accountability
Leadership Accountability

2023 Top Gen Z High Growth Mindset and Development Author

Advocacy & Service Leadership


Board Chairman
Start-Up tech focused on DEI & ESG

Institute of Career Transitions

Board Member
National Aging Society & Workforce Re-Entry


Leadership Team
National 1st generation women and people of color

Phi Kappa Theta

DEI Chairman
National development of young Gen Z men


Finding Self Motivated Engagement

in the hyper driven world of work

By "Vinay Singh"

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