DEI & Belonging with Employee Engagement = A Powerful Talent Retention Formula

Throughout my career I’ve had unique Talent Development & Management experiences

As leader of human capital strategy and operations, I’ve spent my career learning and improving key aspects of people management and culture. This came from providing best-in-class solutions to a large portfolio of companies, managing teams of people and many years of research in business academia.

But at the other end of the bell curve, I also spent a large part of my career listening to the increasing level of employee disengagement, the lack of development given to employees as well as the growing spectrum of employee needs. Before the pandemic, these have largely not been given priority in our national and global cultures. Now we have unbelievable levels of inequality, inequity and disengagement.

I help companies make change from pre-pandemic processes and policies to designing new era People-First systems

Simply put, until the highest levels of executive management prioritize new era organizational reengineering and next gen employee engagement, it’s simply rinse and repeat antiquated thinking. This is the root of the problems today.

Those who want to just throw technology at the problem are not transformation architects, or new era thought leaders. We have a 21st century workforce, largely operating in a 20th century human capital structure and priorities.

  • The costs of disengagement to companies are tremendous, yet many companies can’t understand why

  • The damage to nations is catastrophic and nothing short of multi-generational.

  • The individual suffering, the job seeker and the employee is struggle and suffering.

The transformation for the new world-of-work needs multi-discipline strategy experts with hands-on experience

What I’ve come to learn is that candidate and employee engagement is one of the most misunderstood areas of organizations because companies do not 

spend enough time in root cause organizational analysis and rarely apply intersectional integration to weave the interconnected fields of human capital.

Blended Human Capital accomplishments to deeply understand 2023 and beyond
  • Advisory to a 100-company portfolio of the world’s best companies in short and long-term Talent Acquisition, Development & Retention, with a successful documented record.
  • Corporate Trainer of Learning & Development, developing employees’ skills and capabilities in while listening intently to how and why they did well or struggled.
  • Two-office managing director of Talent Staffing services firms. Spent years in the trenches of several economic growth periods and recessions. As demand for top talent increased, new generations entered the workforce and hyper-speed of processing always took center stage. From associate to area team leader, I managed several small teams, gaining valuable experience managing sector and industry-heavy corporate account portfolios. My leadership-by-example coaching style, consistent quota achievements made me a two-office branch manager and the only non-family board member of a private firm.
  • Developed a name and became a highly sought out talent advisor of women in technology focusing on Equity & Equality over a decade before the pandemic.
  • As a founder of an Employee Experience (EX) SaaS technology start-up, I gained invaluable experience in designing and prototyping the conversion of a leadership consulting practice into a technology concept and product design and pitching the beta to the US Government, the largest employer in the world.
  • At a global Indian consulting firm, I successfully managed relationship duties in their international “Run-with-the-Sun” model during the launch of an international vertical.
  • As an enterprise HCM principal consultant, I had a two-year journey in a multi-billion post M&A. I managed multiple projects and programs leading senior personnel, but my joy came when I was given the opportunity to integrate multiple business functions for world class DEI strategy.
  • I created my own DEI & Belonging x Employee Experience Leadership research and advisory practice integrated extensive corporate, academic and external ecosystems to engineer solutions for the root cause of Employee Disengagement.
  • As a leader and speaker in associations across the industry such as ATAP, Hacking HR, OAGE, NJBIA, SHRM and others, I successfully led cutting edge initiatives to present strategy for the future world-of-work.
Multi-Generational Thought Leader

To lead organizations in the future-of-work, I developed multi-dimensional capabilities to become a hands-on transformation architect:

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