Future of Workforce Thought Leadership

HR + Digital AI Industry Association Analyst and Speaker

C-Suite & White House Policy Advisor Event Collaborator

National & State Socio-Economics Policy Analyst and Keynote Speaker

TV Guest Speaker

Global Ph.D. Influencer Event Developer & Moderator

Radio Guest Speaker, Pre-Covid

Generation Z Author, Employee Engagement & Experience

Future of Talent Thought Leadership References

Talent Acquisition
Global Challenge
HCM Tech Leadership
Future of Work Innovation

Advocacy & Service Leadership


Board Chairman
Start-Up tech focused on DEI & ESG

Institute of Career Transitions

Board Member
National Aging Society & Workforce Re-Entry


Leadership Team
National 1st generation women and people of color

Phi Kappa Theta

DEI Chairman
National development of young Gen Z men


Finding Self Motivated Engagement

in the hyper driven world of work

By "Vinay Singh"

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