Talent Acquisition & Candidate Experience

I started my career in Technology Talent Acquisition / HR Strategy Consulting

In TA strategy, it’s all about understanding corporate culture and the employee needs. I spent many years walking the halls of my corporate clients, listening to my HR partners and meeting each hiring leaders needs while soaking up the sensory information within their environments.

I was charged with speaking to every candidate and listening intently to what they want – what’s never on the resume. I spent many years’ speaking to and learning why job seekers want to leave bad jobs and are willing to leave their good jobs.

Today, the humanistic art of Talent Acquisition barely exists, yet there are far more people in Talent Acquisition because companies struggle to hone in on what matters to employees most – but are statistically universal truisms:

  • # 1 reason why employees leave is bad managers
  • # 2 reason is toxic workplace culture
  • # 3 compensation
Talent Strategy Accomplishments

I accomplished listening deeply to over 100,000 job seekers and partnering with 100’s of corporate HR and IT leaders to:

  • Achieved Rainmaker million-dollar producer status.
  • Placed 1000’s of candidates into over 100 of the world’s best companies.
  • Managed high performance agency and corporate recruiter teams in the USA, Europe and Asia
  • Made a name in placing women and people of color long before DEI became trending.
  • Built an enterprise DEI Center of Excellence, integrating TA, TM and HR.
  • Focused on placing Women in Technology
  • Coached and advised Talent Acquisition all around the world

Throughout my career, I’ve analyzed socio-human employment issues and the reasons why corporations cannot retain employees. I worked in all sides of the TA business functions: Agency, RPO and Corporate and both on shore and overseas too while partnering and advising my client HR & Business/IT counterparts…

Bottom line: Companies interested in building world class TA for TR into their organizations must understand the psychology of the past several growth periods and three recessions. Only twenty years ago there were two generations in the workforce and now there are four. As an experienced leader of multi-generational talent transformation, I have a passion architecting the Future of Work for organizations.

I suggest a miscalculation of Job Seeker & Candidate value, expectations, motivations are major reasons why the World-of-Work is experiencing unprecedented Hiring Dilemmas

Finding Self Motivated Engagement

in the hyper driven world of work

By "Vinay Singh"

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